We are local chaps who love improving the homes of local people. We have been around for a long time and have been transforming Tooting’s attics ever since.

Our loft extensions add value to properties and fuse into Tooting’s village atmosphere. We are passionate about maintaining our local architecture. We love Tooting’s Victorian and Edwardian properties and the areas abundance of prime detached homes.

Why refurbish your Tooting roof?

  • New baby on the way
  • Kids can’t afford to move out
  • Elderly parents need to move in
  • Crave an ensuite bedroom
  • Create an office in your home
  • Extra bedrooms for guests
  • No loss of garden space

Move up the property ladder without budging

A professional loft conversion done by us means you gain a whole lot of NEW living space. An attic extension is a lot cheaper than moving. We create the space that best suits your family’s needs.

Your roof hides about 30% of your property’s total space. Shouldn’t your attic be doing more than storing clutter and gathering cobwebs?

Since 1995 We have been busy creating spacious new rooms for Tooting families. We are experts in extending Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian roofs.

Our portfolio of completed projects shows how we have improved living conditions in houses ranging from small terraced to large detached houses. We have completely transformed attics all over Tooting.

How will you use the extra space we create?

  • Master bedroom with private bathroom
  • Guest rooms
  • Spa-style bathroom
  • Home gym and fitness suite
  • Entertainment and games room
  • Relaxing chill out zone
  • Studio flat

The best investment you can make in your home

A roof refurbishment is the best way to add value to your Tooting property. The extra space brought by an attic extension will add close to 20% to the selling price.

Improve your family’s standard of living

The practical extra space provided by a roof extension really does improve a family’s level of comfort. Extra space can alleviate the problems experienced by multiple generations living under the same roof. The additional space gives your family room to breathe.

Cash in on your investment

A one bedroom Tooting flat commands rent of around £1000 a month. Imagine how much rent you could be collecting during the tennis championship.

Roof refurbishments are often completed in around 6 weeks. Many don’t need planning permission. You could be enjoying the benefits of your new room before you know it.

We are as renowned for their exceptional customer service as they are for their high quality roof refurbishments.

What we offer:-

  • A free consultation and quote.
  • 10 year guarantee
  • All-inclusive price
  • Complete service
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Master craftsman