things to do in wandsworth

Wandsworth is known to be a quiet area of London. It often requires a little bit of inside knowledge to uncover the hidden gems that this area has to offer. Most folks know about the Albert Bridge and Battersea Park, which you can’t miss along the river. What happens when you dig further in and look around?

Now is the perfect time to get to know the Borough of Wandsworth with all sorts of lively events happening. Whether you’re a tourist or a local that wants to explore read on to find out the hidden things to do in Wandsworth that not everyone knows about.

Top Things to do in Wandsworth

Go to the Antelope

The Antelope on Mitcham Road is a well known pub. A mix of furniture and a lots of open space greets you as you walk in. The food is great and there is a huge menu of delicious meals to choose from.

Go to the Theatre

Located in Battersea’s original town hall, Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) is a place that displays exceptional artistic performances. Punchdrunk’s unsettling interactive play The Masque of the Red Death debuted here before the company moved onto bigger things, with Sleep No More hitting the New York theatre scene throughout 2011. Richard Thomas’ Jerry Springer- The Opera also debuted here before moving to the Royal National Theatre with great success.

See a Famous Landmark

Although Young’s brewery in Wandsworth Town is no longer active as of 2006. That does not mean it isn’t an incredible landmark to see. It just happens to be the oldest brewery site in Britain and has created the largest and most successful pub franchise in the country. You can’t throw a stone without hitting a Young’s pub and this is where it all started.

Eat at the Meze

They say that there are no secrets in London this is no exception. Getting a table at Meze is not an easy task. From the outside it looks like any other small Mediterranean restaurant and the inside is only notable for the hustle and bustle.

The food, however, is amazing value for money and of the very highest order. Make sure you book ahead of time and don’t tell anyone we sent you, it’s supposed to be a secret after all.

See Beautiful Scenery

Split almost exactly in half between Wandsworth and Lambeth, Clapham Common is a great place to sit and watch the world pass by. Cedars Road is the dividing line and if we’re being honest Lambeth got most of the best parts, the skatepark, the pond, the basketball courts and the plot for the phenomenal SW4 festival are all in this area.

With this in mind it’s important not to ignore the borough line, it’s not like you can’t cross over. In reality this is just a wide open green area which is an example to the rest of London in the way that it is shared with many people every day.

Go to the Lost Angel

Wandsworth is not known to be the best area to grab a pint, but it still has one or two good pubs. Lost Angel is the top pick of the bunch with fantastic cocktails, a late night licence and a big garden. Do remember, however, it is a bit hard to find. Don’t be scared of the desolate road, you’ll find it eventually.

See Live Music

The Bedford in Balham has, over the years, gotten a reputation as one of the top music venues in London. You can go almost any night and expect to see some good local talent. Paolo Nutini, James Morrison and KT Tunstall are among a vast list of successful artists who claim that the Bedford was a launching point for their careers.

Go to a Food Shop

This is a bit of an odd suggestion. Snoggy’s is a South African food store that is located on Upper Richmond Road in the far Western corner of Wandsworth. It’s a bit of a journey for many but they do have the best biltong in London. Other South African treats line the shelves but the ceiling is filled with dried strips of the best meat you’ll ever have.

In conclusion there are a lot of things to do in Wandsworth if you have the time. We’d highly recommend checking out any of the listed activities.